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Blogging is fun...they tell me....

Here is the cover image for my new chapbook Red Stain. I took this photo--one of hundreds of what I called the beach wall (piles of sand pounded by waves into a thick wall covered with grass, and dripping rusty-looking stuff which I started to see notice had amazing things in it) at Yachats, Oregon, when I stayed there by myself last January.

Red Stain is years in the making, and years in the submitting. I am proudest of my work that pulls no punches and maybe even changes people's view of the world. Please go to my home page or the links page and order a copy.

Any books ordered before May 23, 2014 (end of pre-publication sales) will determine the press-run.

My first book, my first press-run. Please help me make it a huge success!!

Poetry changes the world.


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